Rotational Friction Hinge with Damper Free Random Stop Hinge

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1. Our constant torque hinges use multiple “clips” that can be adjusted to achieve various torque levels. Whether you need miniature rotary dampers or plastic friction hinges, our innovative designs offer the perfect solution for your needs.

2. These hinges are meticulously engineered to provide optimal strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in the most demanding environments. With their unique design, our miniature rotary dampers offer unparalleled control and smooth motion, allowing for seamless operation without any sudden movements or jerks.

3. The plastic friction hinge variant of our Friction Damper Hinges provides an excellent option for applications where weight and cost are critical factors. Made from high-quality zinc alloy materials, these hinges maintain their reliability and functionality while offering a lightweight and cost-effective solution.

4. Our Friction Damper Hinges undergo rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure their reliability and performance. With our commitment to delivering excellence, you can trust that our hinges will exceed your expectations and provide unmatched reliability for your applications.

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Friction Damper Specification

Model TRD-C1020-1
Material  Zinc Alloy
Surface Making black
Direction Range 180 degree 
Direction of Damper Mutual
Torque Range  3.4N.m
1.8 N.m

Friction Damper CAD Drawing


Application for Friction Dampers

Friction hinges are free stop hinges with rotary damper. It is  suitable to use in the taplop, lamps or other  furniture etc to make its free position fixing. 

Rotational Friction Hinge with4
Rotational Friction Hinge with3
Rotational Friction Hinge with5
Rotational Friction Hinge with2

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