Rotational Friction Hinge With Damper Free Random Stop Hinge

Short Description:

1. Our rotational friction hinge is also known as a damper free random or a stop hinge.

2. This innovative hinge is designed to hold objects in any desired position, providing precise positioning and control.

3. The operating principle is based on friction, with multiple clips adjusting the torque for optimal performance.

Welcome to experience the versatility and reliability of our friction damper hinges for your next project.

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Positioning Hinges Specification

Model TRD-C1005-2
Material  Stainless Steel
Surface Making Silver
Direction Range 180 degree 
Direction of Damper Mutual
Torque Range  3N.m

Detent Hinge CAD Drawing


Applications For Positioning Hinges

Positioning Hinges are ideal for applications such as laptops, lamps, and other furniture where a free position fixing is desired. They allow for easy adjustment and positioning, ensuring that the object stays in place at the desired angle without any additional support.  

Rotational Friction Hinge with4
Rotational Friction Hinge with3
Rotational Friction Hinge with5
Rotational Friction Hinge with2

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