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● Friction Damper Hinges, also known as constant torque hinges, detent hinges, or positioning hinges, are mechanical components used for securely holding objects in desired positions.

● These hinges operate using a friction-based mechanism. By pushing several “clips” over the shaft, the desired torque can be achieved. This allows for various torque gradations depending on the size of the hinge.

● Friction damper hinges provide precise control and stability in maintaining a desired position, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

● Their design and functionality ensure reliable and consistent performance.

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Friction Damper Specification

Model TRD-C1020-2
Material Zinc Alloy
Surface Making black
Direction Range 180 degree 
Direction of Damper Mutual
Torque Range  1.5N.m

Friction Damper CAD Drawing


Application for Friction Dampers

Friction hinges with rotary dampers find their application in a wide range of scenarios. Apart from tabletops, lamps, and furniture, they are also commonly used in laptop screens, adjustable display stands, instrument panels, car visors, and cabinets.

These hinges provide controlled movement, preventing abrupt opening or closing and maintaining the desired position. They offer convenience, stability, and safety in various settings where adjustable positioning and smooth operation are required.

Rotational Friction Hinge with4
Rotational Friction Hinge with3
Rotational Friction Hinge with5
Rotational Friction Hinge with2

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