Rotary Oil Damper Plastic Rotation dashpot TRD-N1 One Way

Short Description:

1. One-way rotary damper is designed to provide smooth and controlled movement in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

2. Our rotary oil dampers rotate 110 degrees for precise control and movement. Whether you need it for industrial machinery, home appliances or automotive applications, this damper ensures seamless, efficient operation. The supplied CAD drawings provide a clear reference for your installation.

3. The damper is made of high-quality silicone oil, with reliable and consistent performance. Oil not only enhances the smoothness of rotation, but also ensures a longer service life. With a minimum life expectancy of 50,000 cycles without any oil leakage, our rotary oil dampers can be relied upon for long-lasting durability.

4. The torque range of the damper is 1N.m-3N.m, and it has a wide range of applications. Whether you need light-duty or heavy-duty applications, our rotary oil dampers provide the perfect resistance to meet your needs.

5. Durability and reliability are the most important considerations in our designs. We’ve used the highest quality materials to create this damper, ensuring it can withstand repeated motion without compromising performance.

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Vane Damper Rotational Damper Specification


Max. Torque

Reverse torque



1 N·m (10kgf·cm)

0.2 N·m (2kgf·cm) 





2 N·m (20kgf·cm)

0.4 N·m (4kgf·cm) 





3 N·m (30kgf·cm)

0.8 N·m (8kgf·cm) 




Vane Damper Rotation Dashpot CAD Drawing


How to Use The Damper

1. TRD-N1 is designed to generate a large torque just before a lid closing  from a vertical position,as shown in Diagram A, comes to a full closure. When a lid is closed from a horizontal position,as shown in Diagram B, a strong torque is generated  just before the lid is fully closed, causing the lid to not close properly.


2. When using a damper on a lid, such as  the  one  shown in the diagram,use the following selection calculation to determine  the damper  torque.
Example) Lid mass M: 1.5 kg
Lid dimensions L: 0.4m
Load torque: T=1.5X0.4X9.8÷2=2.94N·m
Based on the above calculation,TRD-N1-*303 is selected.


3. When connecting the rotating shaft to other parts ,please ensure  a tight  fit between  them. Without a tight  fit,the lid  will not slow  down properly when closing. The  corresponding  dimensions  for fixing  the rotating  shaft and the main body are as  right side.


Application For Rotary Damper Shock Absorber


Rotary damper are perfect soft closing motion control components used in many different industries such as toilet seat cover, furniture, electrical household appliance, daily appliances, automobile,  train and aircraft interior and  exit or import of auto vending machines, etc.

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