Plastic Torque Hinge TRD-30 FW Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise Rotation in Mechanical Devices

Short Description:

This friction damper can be used into torque hinge system for soft smooth performance with small effort.For example,it can be used in a lid of cover for the aid of soft closing or open.Our friction hinge can have a very important role for soft smooth performance so as to improve the customer performance.

1. You have the flexibility to select the damping direction, whether it is clockwise or anti-clockwise, based on the specific requirements of your application.

2. It is a perfect solution for smooth and controlled damping in various applications.

3. Made from high-quality plastic, our friction Dampers ensures excellent durability, making them resistant to wear and tear even in demanding environments.

4. Designed to accommodate a torque range of 1-3N.m (25Fw), our friction dampers are suitable for a variety of applications, spanning from compact electronic devices to substantial industrial machinery.

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Friction Damper Specification


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Seat damper, damper for tip up seating


Friction damper used incover for cooker


Friction damper used in the automatic dustbin


Damper for aircraft interior

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